sobota, 3 września 2016

End of the summer - 30, 31.08.2016

 Worm is still effective.

Michael and his first Bass

poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2016

Salmon & Sea Trout from the river, lake Perch and nice Sea Bass on surface lure - 1-6.08.2016

First Salmon in 2016

Nice Perch from Lough Allua

Sea Bass 66 cm on surface lure.

piątek, 5 sierpnia 2016

środa, 6 lipca 2016

piątek, 17 czerwca 2016

Salmo Wave - 17.06.2016

The last few months have tested Salmo Wave. And finally he is!

There are two wave lengths 7 and 9 cm. That sinking lure with an amazing range of cast. It's like running in the water depends only on angler. It may work on the surface of the water, like a sick fish, or at the bottom.


That is the Salmo WAVE:

czwartek, 9 czerwca 2016

Countdown to the premiere: Salmo Wave - 09.06.2016

A few days have been the release of the new Salmo lures. Last week it was my hard work - testing Salmo Wave and filmmaking over the water and under water.

Sea Bass as the last couple of seasons again disappeared. But a few I managed to catch.